2013 Pasture Tour

visits since 8/24/2013.

20 states were represented on the Jr. Hereford tour.

First calf 2nd Revolution heifer.

On Target 936 pasture welcomed their guests.

Jerry explains the Rausch breeding program.

The cooks prepared the sale arena for the Juniors to have lunch.

On Target 936 at work.

Kevin Hafner of Express Ranches came to select their Pick of the Herd purchased in the Denver sale.

2nd Revolution pasture.

Pick of the Herd decision making.

Customer Gayle Hilgeman, MN, came to tour the herd.

Gayle spent the day helping Jerry check pastures.

This group of calves wanted Gayle to see them.

Loren & Bill Kuehn check pastures with Jerry.

New York calf on an On Target first calf heifer.