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Rausch Herefords
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Family History

1999 Rausch Family ReunionIn 1946, William and Alice Rausch helped their oldest children purchase Hereford heifers as 4-H projects. Obviously, the cowherd and the family have grown since then. Today, many of the grandchildren and great-grandchildren still maintain ownership in a few cows in their Dad's herd. many of their cows have been used to get them through college and get a start in life.

In June of 1999, a family reunion was held. It was a 3-day, fun-filled agenda at a campsite near Mt. Rushmore in South Dakota. Family members came from every corner of the U.S. Yes, there were strangers there, but we found out they, too, are related. 210 family members showed up for this early morning picture.